Asana vs Trello

Here in San Diego it is highly competitive in the creative web design & development industry. We take pride in staying up with the latest technologies and building our company amongst the tools that help us the greatest.  We proudly use things such as Slack for communication, Google For Work (domain hosted with Gmail integration), but what about task management.

Asana and Trello are arguably amongst the highest of popularity; but which one should you use. Of course, as with most of these “versus” articles, we aren’t going to decide for you, but we will do our best to make your decision easier.

Which do we use? Both.

They’re both great for their own reasons, so let’s go over why we use both. We use Asana amongst the team to tackle almost everything eternally. We use it to take quick notes during meetings or phone calls, then we later categories and assign all tasks. We also use Asana in the “agile” form of working where we group tasks into categories of “This week” and “Backlog”.  Creating tasks is as simple as typing and hitting enter between tasks. Creating categories is as easy as above and typing the colon “:” after. Asana also allows for easily commenting and sub-tasking items.

So why would we pick up Trello when Asana is working just fine for us? Well, our sub-contracted iOS developer swears by it. So, we decided to adopt it to make his work easier! Trello works amazingly for business to consumer relationships. We use Trello with our iOS developer in order to track their progress, QA items, and submit bugs. With Trello, you can create cards inside categories and easily drag and drop cards between these categories. For instance, we create cards in the “Bugs” category. The developer works on them and moves them to QA when ready. Once we test them, we can move them back to “Bugs” or to “Done”. On top of that they can add hours to these cards, add screenshots, etc.

TL;DR: They’re both great, we recommend using Asana amongst the team, and Trello when you’re using a contractor or outside vendor.