Web Development Done as a Duo

So you, a possible future client, are scouring the web in search of a great ‘web designer’ in hopes of a newly designed website or redesign. Unless you’re a web developer or a web designer, you probably don’t know much about the differences between the two.

Development is coding. Design is visual. Both take years of mastering.

Unfortunately when you begin as a web developer in this industry, you have to come up with some basic design because you need something to develop. I am very guilty of this; you start calling yourself a web designer since you believe you can design and develop a website from ground up.

Until you meet a web designer.

Then reality hits; you see that theres a massive talent there and it becomes refreshing to know that you’re just a developer.

Once you come to terms with that, all the rest is cake. We have a great duo of a web designer and a web developer. That’s all you need!

Even if you’re part of the 1% that is actually good at both, it’s much better to focus solely on the design, hand it off to the developer, and critique it when it’s done. A much better solution than designing while developing as you go. That’ll drive you crazy.

Come drop us a line, we’re a web design and development duo in San Diego but work with worldwide clients. We’ve mastered this duo thing.